An area of a room that often goes unnoticed is the ceiling. When considering renovations, this is often a detail that is overlooked while floors and walls get far more thought; but if you have ever walked into a room and the detail in the ceiling caught your eye, you know the power of a coffered ceiling, also known as waffle ceilings.

We specialize in transforming a room from ordinary to vibrant by installing a carefully selected waffle ceiling layout that enhances the room. We’ll gladly help you select the best waffle ceiling design for your home. Also known as waffle ceiling, this decorative technique has been around for many decades and remained popular with homeowners over the years.

Waffle Ceiling Installation Toronto

custom living room with waffle ceilings

Waffle ceilings are often used to make a high ceiling appear lower and can be installed over old ceilings. They draw the eye upwards and have a way of complimenting the interior design of the room.

There are many creative ways to incorporate coffered ceilings throughout your home. They are not a decorative feature only designated for the living room, they go well in other areas in the house like the kitchen, bedroom, and dining room.

Wide Selection of Waffle Ceiling Designs

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Choosing the right team of experts can give your home a makeover is essential. Trim Team proudly offers a variety of waffle ceiling styles for our customers to choose from like a contemporary waffle ceiling, modern waffle ceiling or traditional waffle ceiling.

Waffle Ceiling Costs in Toronto

waffle ceiling design by trim team

Waffle ceiling installation costs depend on several factors:

  • The size of the ceiling
  • The complexity of the design
  • The waffle ceiling materials used
  • Additional features such as coffered ceiling light fixtures

custom waffle ceiling in amazing family room

It’s important to note that coffered ceilings do require great skill and advanced carpentry skills. That’s why hiring an experienced professional to handle the job is paramount.

With Trim Team, there are no hidden costs and we provide a free estimate so you know what the costs are upfront. Our coffered ceiling prices are competitive and give you great value for your money. We also have various options that give our customers flexibility when it comes to style and budget.

The waffle Ceiling Installation Process

modern living room with build in fireplace and waffle ceiling - waffle ceiling cost

Once you hire us to install a waffle ceiling, the first stage involves completing all the necessary paperwork. We work closely with you to ensure there is complete understanding before any work begins.

Some decisions you will need to make are the number of coffers you would like and the depth and width of the beans.

Once we determine these details, our team of experts can calculate the appropriate ceiling dimensions to make sure that the job is done right. We take extra precaution to ensure our measurements are correct.

Next, we begin to work on the design. We know how critical communication is to a successful outcome, so we keep you involved every step of the way and transform your vision from paper to reality.

Professionally Installed Waffle Ceilings

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Our goal at Trim Team is to transform your vision from paper to reality.

  • We have a variety of services that also include pot light installation on waffle ceilings upon request.
  • We guarantee quality work and offer a 10-year warranty on completed work.
  • Our creative coffered ceiling designs bring out the best in even the dullest room and turn it into a show-stopper.
modern coffered ceiling in custom home
  • We complete the waffle ceiling installation within a reasonable timeframe. We will not overstay our welcome.
  • Our service fees are competitive, transparent, and standardized.
  • We have a team of waffle ceiling experts who are skilled at making, cutting, and installing coffered ceilings to fit any room in your home.

Call us today to learn how you can get a free estimate.

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We served customers all across the GTA including Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, King City, Aurora, Newmarket, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Stouffville, Georgina, Bradford, Barrie and more.

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What is a waffle ceiling?

Waffle ceilings are a type of coffered ceiling. The main difference is that the beams in these rooms cross each other making up evenly spaced squares, mirroring a waffle pattern. This type of architectural design gives rooms with high ceilings more depth via an illusionary effect. A contemporary, elegant look is achieved through the 3-dimensional grid in the room, adding definition to open areas.

How much does waffle ceiling installation cost?

Waffle ceiling installation costs start from $35 per sq ft.

What is the difference between a tray ceiling and a waffle ceiling?

There are many differences in the conceptual foundation between tray ceilings and waffle ceilings. They can be categorized into styling differences, designing differences, and usage.

Tray Ceilings:
– Grand architectural style
– Wrapped in plaster and drywall, finished with crown molding
– Ideal for dining rooms, entryways, and board rooms

Waffle Ceilings:
– Personal and intimate
– Broad material expressions. Can be composed of glass, steel, and wood
– Ideal for kitchens, living rooms, and theatre rooms.

Do you paint waffle ceilings?

Waffle ceilings can be painted after installation is complete and paint services are available, provided at an extra cost.

Should I call the electrician before the waffle ceiling installation or after?

The electrician should come at the same time as the waffle ceiling is being installed. We can provide a licensed electrician if required.

Do you remove the popcorn ceiling before the waffle ceiling installation?

For an extra charge, we can also remove your pre-existing popcorn ceiling before we begin the waffle ceiling installation process.

What is the recommended minimum ceiling height for a waffle ceiling?

We recommend installing a waffle ceiling on at least a 9-foot ceiling. If you are still interested in adding a volume to your 8 ft. ceiling, we usually offer ceiling paneling.