Venetian plastering is an elegant way to finish your home’s interior or exterior walls. For hundreds of years, this type of wall finishing has been found in the finest homes, offering a sophisticated and luxurious feel that can only be achieved through fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. The versatility and functionality of Venetian plaster are what has made it a popular choice for homeowners, including celebrities for many years. Steeped in history, Venetian plaster has been used in some of the most famous homes around the world. It has seen an increase in popularity and has been incorporated in a number of luxury homes built in North America.

What is Venetian Plaster?

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Venetian plaster is architectural history. Made from fired limestone and water, it has been used since ancient times. The limestone and water are mixed with lime plaster and applied to the wall where carbon dioxide turns the mixture into limestone once more. It’s different from other plasters because there are no aggregates mixed in. It’s pure limestone, giving it a natural and modern look in your home.

There are many reasons why homeowners choose Venetian plaster. Not only does it suit any home decor, but it also offers a low-maintenance option for busy homeowners.

There are several more benefits to using Venetian plaster in your home including: 

Humidity Resistant: Venetian plaster is waterproof, preventing the build-up of dampness on walls and ceilings. 

Natural Materials: Venetian plaster incorporates natural elements into your home. It’s both anti-mould and anti-bacterial making it a healthy and eco-friendly choice for your home. 

Easy to Clean: Venetian plaster is also easy to keep clean and maintain. Using a damp cloth will allow you to remove scuffs or dirt quickly.

What is Venetian Plaster?
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Here is a step-by-step process on how to keep your walls looking brand new. 

  1. Hot water and neutral soap – using a sponge or cloth, apply hot water mixed with neutral soap to the walls or ceiling to remove any stains or dirt. 
  2. Let the surface dry – Allow the wall or ceiling to dry 
  3. Apply wax – To protect the finish of your Venetian plaster walls, apply wax using a special gauze. Spread evenly over the entire surface to recapture that original beauty and finish. 
  4. Use a woollen glove – Spread the wax around in a circular motion using a woollen glove. This will bring out the glossy finish.

High durability

Venetian plaster has been around for centuries because homeowners know that it stands up to just about anything.

It is durable and the coating will last for years. It can also be easily repaired unlike wallpaper or other finishes which require removal and replacement every time you want to change your decor.

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venetian plaster walls

High decorative value

You want a wall finish that will easily match your existing or future decor. Venetian plastering is a luxurious and refined way to decorate your home.

There are no limits to how you can transform your living space when you choose Venetian plaster.

Is Venetian Plaster Out Of Style?

Venetian plaster has never been more popular as homeowners look to create a modern and minimalist feel in their homes. Venetian wall plaster creates a natural and sustainable look that is inviting and easy to decorate. 

Homes inspired by the Mediterranean are on trend this year, with ranch style or Spanish influences being the top choice. This type of architecture blends perfectly with Venetian plaster due to its rich earthy tones and rustic aesthetic. Natural materials continue to be at the top of new home builders’ lists as homeowners look to incorporate earthy elements into their everyday spaces. 

Venetian plaster is also popular because it can adapt to both interior and exterior design concepts creating the perfect flow between indoors and outdoors.

Is Venetian Plaster Out Of Style?

Beautiful Look and Natural Wall Effects

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Venetian plastering is the perfect blend of beauty and nature. This is what makes it so popular with homeowners who want to transform their living space. Venetian wall plaster provides a natural wall effect that allows your personal style and interior design choices to pop.

A bright throw or bold couch makes a statement when surrounded by the beautiful brush strokes of Venetian plastering. The natural effect creates a calming and inviting space, making it a natural choice for a home interior space such as the bathroom.

Venetian plastering in the bathroom allows you to create a spa-like oasis in the heart of your home. Able to withstand moisture, you can submerge yourself in the peace and tranquillity of a European-style spa without having to leave your home. Lime plaster is breathable, allowing moisture to escape.

This creates a mould and mildew-resistant wall finish that is ideal for humid or warm climates. It is also non-toxic and contains zero volatile organic compounds or VOCs, making it a healthy choice for any room in your home.

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Before you choose Venetian plaster, you probably have some questions about cost and which kind is right for you.

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