If you are thinking of making your office space more impactful, commercial crown moulding is the way to go. While it is popular in homes and ballrooms, it can also add a lot of character and charisma to the interior design of offices. Since ancient times, it has been one of the most promising ways to accentuate the interiors. At Trim Team, our professionals know how to bring out the best from your office decor. We are the most trusted contractors in Toronto and have always strived to stay true to our good reputation. We are a team of experienced professionals who have made many offices look their best.

Our commercial division of crown moulding offers you the same promise of quality, durability and style. We understand your office not just as a commercial space but as a company which has its own philosophy and mission. We make sure that the philosophy of your company is incorporated even in the trims and mouldings of your office decor.

With our work, we strive to serve you with originality, elegance and a long-lasting charm. Our team of experts will take you through a variety of designs that will abide by your company’s own unique look and feel. From basic to bold, we offer you a variety of designs in office crown moulding.

What Exactly Is Crown Moulding?

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Crown moulding is an external structure that is used to embellish walls, windows, doors and passages. It runs across ceilings as well as accent walls. Traditionally, it was made of plaster and wood. But today, there are other materials available to suit the needs of a changing interior design. At Trim Team, we are happy to answer any other questions that you may have about crown moulding.

Why Invest in Crown Moulding Installation?

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Just like other investments that you make for the progress of your company, investing in a proper crown moulding installation is definitely a great investment.

Commercial moulding is long-lasting and relatively cheaper than getting the full-fledged renovation done. You can add a lot of character to the interiors and revitalize the design without having to spend thousands of dollars.

If you have a basic colour scheme and design and want to add a contrasting element, you can go for intricate crown moulding that instantly gives a lot of definition to your office space.

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Installing crown moulding is less time-consuming than going for an extensive renovation. It easily embraces and enhances the current theme making it look more dimensional and tasteful.

With intricacies and detailing, crown moulding offers an instant upgrade to any space, big or small, new or old.

Not just offices, crown moulding can also enhance the look of your retail space. If you own a store, adding moulding can surely make the interiors more attractive and let your clients know that you care about the details.

What Are the Popular Crown Moulding Designs for Offices?

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Our commercial division offers the most elegant and apt office crown moulding depending on your line of business or your overarching philosophy. You can choose from simple, complex as well as custom designs.

Simple designs are of a standard height of 8 to 10 feet and stand like tall structures that are minimalistic and blend beautifully with the other elements of your office decor.

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Complex designs are usually larger than 10 feet and have more elaborate curves and craftwork. They are best placed between the wall and ceiling and perfect for basic coloured interiors.

At Trim Team, we offer you custom designs that truly complement your space and bring out its unique personality. We always recommend custom office crown moulding so your office or retail space has its own unique voice and character.

Why Us?

At Trim Team, we value you and strive to offer you more than just elegant crown moulding. Here’s why you should choose us:

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  • We are an experienced team of contractors who offer the most professional services to our clients.
  • We understand that you want your office or store ready to function quickly which is why we work fast and efficiently while causing minimum disruptions.
  • We value your budget and ensure transparency and reasonable pricing so crown moulding installation doesn’t cost you like one whole renovation.

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  • We give you a promised quality as we use only the best quality materials for installation.
  • We also give you a free estimate so you can plan your budget in advance.

Our Projects

So if you want to give your office or your store an edge, call Trim Team and install the most stylish crown moulding in Toronto and GTA. Call now!