Decorative casings can create a visual that adds sophistication and elegance to your home in Toronto & GTA. The trim that surrounds a door or window frame is installed before the baseboards and the process can be completed quickly and easily when you have the right team of experts.

Trim Team is capable of handling any door and window casing installation project. So, whether you have a simple casing design or a more elaborate one, we’ve got what it takes to get the job well and in a reasonable timeframe.

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Door Casings Installation

Door casings are more than just decorative—they hide the transition between the wall and the door. We are proud to say that no one does interior door casings quite like us. We offer a wide variety of door casing styles for you to choose from.

Through diligent work and unmatched skill, we’ve been able to expand our services to include the most complex door casings designs on the market.

Our door casings also come with door installation and replacement service that you should definitely take advantage of for amazing deals.

Window Casings

Similar to door casings, window casings cover the space between the frame of the window and the wall. Installing window casing is the finishing touch in a similar way that baseboards complete a room.

The style of your home plays a large part in choosing the right window casing style for your home.

In order to blend with the style of the room and maintain more of a cohesive look, we recommend that interior window casings match the mouldings used in the room.

Window Casings Services Toronto

Offering a Variety of Casing Styles

  • Complete casings. This is when the mouldings surround all four sides of the windows or doors. The placement of the mouldings determines how decorative the casing is.
  • Low-profile casings. This type of casing serves as a barrier that helps seal out the cold air and prevents warm air in the home from escaping. For this reason, it’s a great way to weatherstrip your windows and doors.
  • High-profile casings. This is one of the most versatile window casing styles on the market. The casing either surrounds the whole window or door or is set above them.
  • Modern Casings. This type of casing offers a clean finish and typically matches the colour of the material covering the rest of the window, giving it a matching look instead of the casing making a bold statement. In these types of casings, the glass in the window or door is the focal point instead of the mouldings.
  • Traditional Casings. These window and door casings can easily be compared to low-profile casings because both are associated with older homes and offer a clean, simple look.

Casings installed professionally

The contractors at Trim Team have extensive experience on how to install door casings, window casings, and everything in between. The techniques and methods we use allow us to get the job done in record time without compromise to the quality.

  • We are leaders in door and window casings because we offer:
  • Quality work using the best trim materials on the market
  • Clean and tidy service with complete post-installation cleanup
  • Variety of trim and moulding services, all in house
  • Complex designs and innovative approach

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